DUE YESTERDAY SOMEONE HELP 2-4 page paper and 6 slide power point In this initial project assignment



2-4 page paper and 6 slide power point


In this initial project assignment, you will select and provide background information for your client for whom you will complete a web analytics and conversion optimization strategy. In addition, you must discuss the types of metrics that will be used to help determine success for your strategy. 

This phase of the project will be in two parts. These parts can be delivered in one document as long as they are labeled Part One and Part Two within the document.


In a 2 – 4 page document, complete the following:

Part One – Client Overview

You will perform competitive analysis for your client by performing the following:Provide a detailed description of the selected client. 

The description should include adequate background information to acquaint your peers about the client.Define a unique value proposition (UVP) for the client.Identify the top three competitors for your client. 

Create a list of their names and Web sitesExplain the value of web analytics as well as the measurable business value for using conversion metrics.Site Overview-provide a basic analysis of the site for your selected client.

Part Two – SWOT AnalysisPerform a SWOT analysis for your client and your client's top three competitors. 

You may not find all the information you need for the competitors. Make and state plausible assumptions.Provide an overview of potential opportunities (at least three) in which your selected client should be utilizing web analytics tools.


Metrics will play an important role in the success of online marketing campaigns and your project.

Using the Internet, research the different metrics that are available within Google Analytics Web analytics service.

Using the readings for this week and the Internet, create a 5 – 6 slide Power Point presentation that includes the following:What metrics do you think are most beneficial to your client?Why would these metrics be more productive than others?Conceptualize at least two scenarios for your client to which you can apply the metrics.Provide information on the type of metrics being utilized by at least two of the clients

competitors.Provide scholarly references and appropriate examples that support your reasoning about the

productivity of the metrics.Posted: 4 years agoBudget: $20