Draw an EER and map the EER diagram into relational schema(clearly indicate classes, subclasses,…

Please draw an EER and map the EER diagram into relational schema(clearly indicate classes, subclasses, entity sets, relationship sets, cardinality ratios, participations, attributes, primary keys and any possible foreign key(s)).
There are four groups of people on whom the hospital is most dependent: Employees, Physicians, patients, and volunteers. There are several common attributes that are shared by all of these persons:person_ID, Name, Birth_Date, phone, and address. Each address contains street, City, Zip, and State. Each of the four groups has at least one unique attribute of its own (employees-Date_Hired, volunteers-a title, Physicians-Specialty and IM#, and patients-contact_date). There might be additional personnel in the community who do not belong to one of those four groups. A particular person may belong to two(or more) of these groups at any given time( patient and volunteer).
Each patient has one( and only one) physician responsible for that patient. A given physician may not be responsible for a patient at a given time or may be responsible for one or more patients. Patients are divided into two groups: inpatient and outpatient. Each inpatient has a attribute (date_admitted). Each outpatient is scheduled for one or more visits. Each visit has two attributes ( Date(partial identifier) and comments). A visit exist with an outpatient entity.
Employees are subdivided into three groups: nurses, staff, and technicians. Attributes are assigned as nurses-Certificate, staffs-job_class, technicians-one or more skills. Each technician is assigned to one or more laboratories. Laboratories attributes are Name(unique identifier) and location. A laboratory may have one or more technicians assigned.
And create a relational database and query the question using sql.
1.list the names of all patients who are also volunteers at the hospital
2.list the hire-dates of all nurses who have an RN certificate.
3. Find the zip codes of all physicians who are specialized in ENT
4. Count the number of all patients that dr Smith that is responsible for.
5. Find the phone numbers of all outpatients who have visited the hospital more than twice.
6. List the names of all labs, where each assigned technician to that lab achieves at least two skills