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"Science, the Future, and Reflections on the Course"

   Identify the main developments in science that you find most  fascinating. List at least two (2) topics that you wish you could learn  more about and explain why. Share your opinions on the course, including the topics you enjoyed  the most and the least and explain why. Describe the salient manner in  which you would use the knowledge learned from this course in your daily  life.


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science apa paper 500 words

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policy recommendation paper/nutrition class

1.  This is a masters class in nutrition and the writing should demonstrate that.  professional writing with no grammatical errors.

2.  final paper example is included

3. instructions are included. read them all so you can understand what you are      doing, but (module 7/ week 7 )is what needs to be done.

4. policy recommendation paper is included

5. professor comments included

6.  policy recommendation paper needs to be updated with professors comments and it needs to look  EXACTLY like the example when done.  the final paper needs to have all the subheadings the example has so research will have to be done to complete this assignment.  If the subheading is not needed on the attached policy paper, take it out.  Add whatever needs to be added to the policy paper.  

7. if the paper is not right, it will need to be revised immediately.

7. follow the instructions.  AMA style


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Unit 5 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Question 1



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20 points   


Historical background

Discuss the historical background of the lliad (Greece) 

Lifecycle Nutrition and Food Safety

In this discussion assignment, you discuss with the other members of your assigned Discussion Group your experiences completing the Week 5 Create-a-Plate activities listed below: Create-a-Plate: Create a Dinner Rich in Folate Create-a-Plate: Create a Healthy Snack for Seniors Create-a-Plate: Create a School Lunch for Elementary School Students

Post a 150-word response to at least 2 of the following Discussion Prompts by Day 5 in the discussion area below: What is one benefit of eating a dinner high in rich in folate? What can you do to ensure you are getting the daily recommended intake of folate? What advice would you give to a senior that wants your help with learning how to snack healthier? What advice would you give to parent that wants to learn how to create healthy lunches for a finicky eater?

READ MY CONDITIONS FIRST!!! Science: Astronomy quiz.

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