[Unlocked] Making Good Decision Models

[Unlocked] Making Good Decision Models

A decision model may be descriptive, heuristic, or prescriptive.

  1. In your judgment, what are some important requirements for making good decision models regardless of whether they are descriptive, heuristic, or prescriptive? How would you check the validity of a model that you have selected?

  1. Describe the reasons why and when a manager might use a heuristic decision model. Use a real life example, and explain your reasons within the context of your example.

[Unlocked] Gender Studies Psychoanalytical Ecocritical

[Unlocked] Gender Studies Psychoanalytical Ecocritical

I need help creating a digital painting/drawing that showcases an important character, theme, or conflict in the story “The Kite Runner” in where one of the five literary lenses can be incorporated.

Five literary lenses that I can choose from:


Feminist/Gender Studies



Postcolonial/ Critical Race

i was planning to add amir and hassan in the poster for the character part, as well as display the theme of friendship and betrayal in the poster, and basicaly the conflict between pashtuns and hazara applying the post-colonial lens.

Can anyone help me wit this?

[Unlocked] Section Titled “ Passionate

[Unlocked] Section Titled “ Passionate

“Profile: Malala Yousafzai” is divided into three parts: an introduction, a section titled “Passionate campaigner,” and a section titled “Back at school.” Which of the following best describes the final two parts?

  • A.”Passionate campaigner” tells about Malala’s life before the diary, and “Back at school” tells about her life today.
  • B.”Passionate campaigner” tells about Malala’s life before the shooting, and “Back at school” tells about her life afterward.
  • C.”Passionate campaigner” tells about Malala’s life before the Nobel Prize, and “Back at school” tells about her life since the Nobel Prize.
  • D.”Passionate campaigner” tells about Malala’s life since the Taliban left Pakistan, and “Back at school” tells about her life during the Taliban regime.

[Unlocked] Mark Cuban Describes “

[Unlocked] Mark Cuban Describes “

WEEK 4.  Composition Exercise #1 due by Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 10pm.

Topic For Composition Exercise #1:

Discuss which one of Anton Kriel’s “secrets” you find most useful and how you can apply that secret to your life.  Also in your discussion explain why or why not you currently live as Mark Cuban describes “doing what you want, when you want and how you want.” 

Quote from the videos.  Include three or four quotes.  Please be detailed in your discussion and try to reach the 500-word requirement.  You may go over 500 words.  Remember the more you personalize your writing the more powerful it reads so use the pronoun I.

Please see the directions below for how to write your exercise.  Remember you can submit your work before the due date.

[Unlocked] Apa 7Th Edition Format

[Unlocked] Apa 7Th Edition Format


In a 1- or 2-page assignment, identify an ethical topic of research-based off of a critical incident or workplace problem that has been identified for further investigation. The assignment will support the need for further investigation. At least two sources are needed to support your claim. the assignment is to be completed in APA format.

  • Do NOT write in first person.
  • The majority of resources that are used need to be peer-reviewed journals that are within 5 years of publication.
  • Every reference must have a corresponding parenthetical citation.
  • Every citation must be referenced at the end of the  assignment .
  • All work must be completed in APA 7th edition format.

Use the template. Failure to use the template will result in significant point deduction to include a possible failing grade. Submit turnitin report with less than 5% plagarsim.

[Unlocked] See Course Schedule

[Unlocked] See Course Schedule

Throughout the quarter you will be tasked with exploring current events, media, social media, and other forms of pop culture to analyze and document in your pop culture journal (you will be posting your journal entry to your peer discussion group on Canvas each week it is due, but it may be helpful to keep this is a running document in your own files to add to each week, then copy and paste from your journal onto Canvas). This will give you an opportunity to make connections between what we are learning about in class related to rhetorical/critical frameworks of inquiry and what you are seeing in the world around you, as well as empowering you to explore topics that particularly interest you. Each week that you are assigned a public life journal entry (see course schedule), you should:

  • (1) describe the context of your example (important parts like what this means relative to the historical context and social world, who, what, when, where, why, how etc.)-you may post a picture or a link if that would be helpful
  • (2) clearly connect it to a particular concept, idea, term, theory, method, etc. we are learning about that week (your book can be a helpful guide here)-be sure to label the concept clearly, describe it, and apply it to your chosen example and
  • (3) include and cite at least one reference for your example below your post/entry.

DISCUSSING | 10 Points

You should respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. Think of your responses here as what you would comment on in a face-to-face discussion-i.e., parts you found interesting, additional insights or connections you may make, questions that come up, and always lead with a respectful tone. 

Read pages 153-176

[Unlocked] Due Tomorrow Morning 8

[Unlocked] Due Tomorrow Morning 8

submit a 1-2 page narrative piece of writting . about mental health and substance abuse (alcohol and drug use) then write a story , use MLA formatting style to format your first page. you can make up a story. its due tomorrow morning 8 am ( Miami time) please let me know if you will be able to send it before that time.

[Unlocked] Comm120 Week 5 Source

[Unlocked] Comm120 Week 5 Source


During the Week 3 Assignment, Project Plan, you chose a topic and created your project plan. In the Week 3 Lesson, you read about location and access and in Week 4, you learned about organizing your digital information and storing that information responsibly. Now it is time to take the work you did in the Week 3 Assignment, Project Plan, and locate and evaluate sources  (CO2 & 5) that that will lead to your Week Week 7 Assignment, Final Project. 

Please follow these instructions: 

  • Download the Source Evaluation Worksheet template (in Word).
    Complete Parts I and II in the worksheet.
  • Find a minimum of three (3) sources. One (1) source must be an academic source and from the APUS Trefrey Library and the other sources must be credible and appropriate for college research.
  • Please include robust source summaries in your own words that explain the contents of the source and the relevance of the source to your topic.

Consider the following: 

[Unlocked] Two Questions Per Page

[Unlocked] Two Questions Per Page

Please answer each question individually. Two questions per page please


 Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this  set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?  


 What are some notable similarities that you see between the Bible and the Qur’an? What are some differences?  


How does the story of Beowulf as a hero differ from the earlier versions we have read like Achilles, Gilgamesh, or Ramayana? 


 What is the effect of the frame tale on the story? Is it different than Ovid? How so?  


 How is the depiction of the Wife of Bath different than the depiction of  women in the other stories we have read? Is this a sort of feminist  character?  


 Describe the similarities between Sunjata and other epic heros we have encountered this semester. 


 How does Cervantes use humor to satirize the world that Don Quixote  creates in his head? What is the purpose of humor in this situation? How  does the text meet the genre standards of satire?  


How does Rama demonstrate a sense of “duty” in the Ramayana?

[Unlocked] Presented Using Turabian Formatting

[Unlocked] Presented Using Turabian Formatting


Complete the Historical Eras Matrix and answer the questions that follow.

While Turabian style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using Turabian formatting guidelines, which can be found in the Turabian Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.