[Unlocked] Conduct Capital Budgeting Analysis

[Unlocked] Conduct Capital Budgeting Analysis



. You will use the WACC as the discount rate to conduct capital budgeting analysis for a project that the firm is considering and then decide whether it should be accepted or not which is “ Building a new Building” for $1 million. If you do not have a number you need, research it and state your assumptions that you used to get the missing number.


6. Use the Instructors’ Notes feature in PowerPoint to augment your PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to limit the content on the slides to create an effective presentation. The Instructors’ Notes are used in lieu of your class presentation. If you prefer, a voiceover can be used in lieu of the Instructors’ Notes.

[Unlocked] Physical Quantities Controlled

[Unlocked] Physical Quantities Controlled

Shown in Chapters 13 and 14, create your own optimization model in Excel. Think about the following concepts:

1. Decision variables- physical quantities controlled by the decision maker.

2. Objective function- Defines the criterion (reduce expenses, maximize profits).

3. Constraints- These are restrictions on the numerical values, which are assigned to the

decision variables.

Need the excel file with report and explanations. Include peer-reviewed citations.

[Unlocked] Policy Restricting Employee Internet

[Unlocked] Policy Restricting Employee Internet

 350-600 words

The following case study provides an example of an ethical/legal issue faced by many HR professionals. The issue of technology in the workplace and employee use of the technology has become an increasingly common challenge, and you have seen how this may be an issue with the jewelry company. 

Click here for the case study. (https://www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/resources/littlebrother-is-watching-you/ )

After reading the above article and researching other examples of what some companies are facing, post your response and a defense of your position to the following questions:

  • Do you feel a policy restricting employee Internet use is ethically sound?
  • Do you feel that the monitoring of employee activity on the computer is ethically sound?
  • What are the business implications for employees’ personal use of company assets?
  • What approach will you take to address this issue with the jewelry company? 

[Unlocked] 2 Paragraphs References Total

[Unlocked] 2 Paragraphs References Total

apa format

1-2 paragraphs



Total Rewards Knowledge 1: Examining Total Rewards

Please view the following video in its entirety:


In the video you learned about the 6 components of the total reward program. Now, except for compensation and benefits, of the 4 remaining components select 2 that you consider most important to you and explain why. Make sure you are specific and not just defining your selections Note: Your response to the discussion must be informative, be supported with research, and follow the requirements set by this course.

[Unlocked] 2 Paragraphs Referenced Total

[Unlocked] 2 Paragraphs Referenced Total





Total Rewards Knowledge 2: Effectively Communicating Total Rewards

Please view the following video in its entirety:


You know from the video that there are at least 4 stakeholder groups to communicate the total rewards program for the organization. One stakeholder group is executives, and another is employees. How and what would you communicate on the total rewards program to each? Does each group get the same message? HINT: There is additional information on communicating total rewards in the textbook.

Note: Your response to the discussion must be informative and thorough, be supported with research, and follow the requirements set by this course.

[Unlocked] Briefly Describe 3 Valuable

[Unlocked] Briefly Describe 3 Valuable


Is Human Resource Management the right career for you?


I. Watch the video in the link below and write a summary paragraph (about 5 lines) to briefly describe 3 valuable information you learned in this video.

II. Write a second paragraph (about 5 lines) about your analysis on how it’s related to the course information on public health administration.

[Unlocked] Hrd Group Must First

[Unlocked] Hrd Group Must First

 Deliverable Length:  5-7 PowerPoint slides with notes 

 Library Research Assignment

You anticipate a great deal of resistance to change from the employees of Pegasus, especially if there are layoffs involved. You and the HRD group must first identify the emotional factors of change and then present a plan to address these issues to the company in a meeting. You must consider the overall culture of the organization as well as all the subcultures. 

Research how people and organizations react to change, both positive and negative. If possible, interview coworkers, family, and friends who have experienced substantial change in their lives. Review articles and books on how organizations have successfully moved through changes, and study those that have failed to make changes to succeed. Develop a set of recommendations that will minimize the negative reactions from individuals and the organization to the change being planned for Pegasus. Be sure to cite your sources using APA guidelines. 

Prepare a presentation for Pegasus’ senior management team, focusing on anticipated employee reactions to organizational change (including the possibility of layoffs), and complete the following:

  1. Present your findings from your research and surveys on how people react to change.
  2. Propose an action plan to address these reactions.
  3. Discuss the financial impact of emotional reactions to change so your audience “buys in” to any proposed investments of time or money.

[Unlocked] Describe 3 Process Skills

[Unlocked] Describe 3 Process Skills

 Deliverable Length:  400-600 words; 

 You need to coach your HRD team about using the correct process skills that they will have to teach the leadership of Pegasus. Discuss the following:

  1. Identify and describe 3 process skills that are necessary for the consultant to have to facilitate change.
  2. Describe what will and will not work at Pegasus.

[Unlocked] Leading Concerns Among Human

[Unlocked] Leading Concerns Among Human

 Deliverable Length:  4–6 pages (not including cover page and resource page) 

 Assignment Details

Safety issues have been one of the leading concerns among human resources (HR) professionals. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the government organization that enforces laws and standards to ensure that companies are in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and its updates. OSHA can conduct inspections of companies and even halt their operations due to safety and health violations. In your assignment, please answer the following questions:

  • As an employee, what is your role in improving the safety and health conditions in a company?
  • Describe some recent examples of OSHA violations. What should have the company been doing to prevent them?
  • As an HR professional, what would you do to help a company prepare for an OSHA inspection?
  • Thinking about the COVID-19 pandemic, what could OSHA do to help keep employees safe and healthy?

Click here to access the assignment template.

[Unlocked] Observation Surveys Interview Focus

[Unlocked] Observation Surveys Interview Focus

Please read the case and answer the 5 questions that follow. Note: It is important you reference your textbook, page 117- 140 when completing this assignment (for all the questions below). 

Case: Fashion and Safety at Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s is a chain of luxury department stores owned by Macy’s with more than 10,000 employees in 12 states. Founded in 1872, Bloomingdale’s has been considered a destination store to find the latest fashion design. Although retail is a safe job compared to manufacturing, there are still numerous ways that employees can get hurt on the job. For example, employees can be injured by falling off ladders while changing displays, incorrectly using boxcutters to open packages, or not following correct procedures cleaning up broken glass on the retail floor when customers drop merchandise or knock it off display shelves.

Bloomingdale’s wants to reduce safety claims to lower costs by improving employee knowledge of safe practices, providing consistent safety training across departments and stores, and encouraging employees to call out their peers’ safe and unsafe work behaviors and practices.

Bloomingdale’s currently uses a combination of approaches for increasing employees’ safety awareness, including posting safety messages in break areas, providing classroom training, and holding pre-shift meetings. But Bloomingdale’s doesn’t believe employees are getting a consistent safety message and it doesn’t know whether they understand safety practices and how to apply them while they are working.

Bloomingdale’s is looking for a training approach that (1) can be completed by employees during their work hours without taking them off of the retail floor, (2) appeals to a diverse, multigenerational workforce, (3) is flexible enough so that it can be customized to address the unique safety challenges that stores and departments have, and (4) provides a way to measure employee learning and link their learning back to business goals.

Questions (Note: be sure to reference your textbook when completing these questions). 

  1. When a needs assessment is completed, one of the key things to figure out is if training is the best solution. Do you believe reducing employee injuries at Bloomingdale’s can be solved through training? Explain your answer.
  2. Your Employee Training & Development Links to an external site. describes 7 techniques that can be used to conduct a needs assessment. However, in practice, the 5 most common techniques include:
    • Observation
    • Surveys
    • Interview
    • Focus Groups
    • Documentation

Describe the technique(s) you would use to conduct a needs assessment for Bloomingdales’. Explain why you would use the technique(s).   

3. Would you involve employees in the needs assessment? If so, why would you include them?

4. Would you involve managers in the needs assessment? If so, why would you include them?

5. What do you believe is the most difficult part of conducting a needs assessment? Explain your answer.

Hint! To answer #5, you are encouraged to research potential challenges that may happen when needs assessments are conducted. Here are two examples of articles that may help: