Assignment 3: Essay—Comparing Erikson toPiaget Psychologists use the biological aspects of aging,…

Assignment 3: Essay—Comparing Erikson toPiaget 

Psychologists use the biological aspects of aging, from birththrough old age, to understand the changes in behavior. One of theaspects of human development is the development of moral reasoningor, in more practical terms, maturing. In other words, social skilldevelopment is an important part of understanding how children,adolescents, and even adults interact with each other and make theimportant, often moral, decisions.

Two important theorists who worked on childhood and moraldevelopment were Jean Piaget and Erikson. Write an essay comparingthe work of these two theorists. In Chapter 6 read the informationon Erikson and Piaget and answer the following.

Briefly describe Piaget’s and Erikson’s theories about thestages of development. 
Explain the differences and similarities between the twotheorists in how they approached development. 
Explain whether Piaget’s and Erikson’s explanations of socialand moral development are applicable to today’schildren.  QUESTION TITLE :- Assignment 3: Essay—Comparing Erikson to Piaget