Assignment 3: Essay: Basic Psychological Skills


Part I:

Compare and contrast the apparent effectiveness in enhancing sport performance for two of the following basic psychological skills: goal-setting, relaxation, self-talk, and imagery. Critique the research literature in the two skills that you choose and provide a conclusion regarding which skill is most empirically supported. Provide support for your conclusion. Follow APA guidelines for writing and citing sources.

Part II:

Based on your understanding of the mechanisms for the effectiveness of goals and the goal-setting guidelines presented in this module, design a goal-setting program for either an individual athlete or team in a sport of your choice. Specify the time frame for the goal-setting program (preseason, during season, or combination), and provide details related to how you would implement your program, such as the outcome goal is to increase free throw shooting percentage from 55 percent to 70 percent.

Write a 2–3-page essay and present it in Microsoft Word document format